How to Advertise Your Pharmacy in 2024 (Part 2)

Advertising isn’t like it used to be. In fact, it’s better! While you can still go the route of signs and flyers to grab attention, don’t be afraid to also step out and promote digitally. By shifting your advertising focus to digital, you can get in touch with even more of your customer base on their devices. By doing so, you can establish an online presence by marketing yourself on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. Here are three more ideas on how to grab your audience’s attention:

Host Your Own Virtual Events

This is a low-cost way to expand your online audience. You can do such things as live videos, wellness classes, educational webinars, and industry conferences. A virtual event is a low-cost way to grow your online audience.

Virtual events can help you market your pharmacy in numerous ways, such as:

  • Educating patients about common health conditions and treatments
  • Promoting any and all new offerings to patients and healthcare professionals
  • Connecting your pharmacy with other local businesses through such things as community events and collaborations
  • Generating potential leads for your pharmacy through attendee’s emails you collect when they sign up

Provide Free Health Screenings

Offering free clinical services for seniors and families will draw patients into your pharmacy. They’re great at connecting you with the local community, plus they give you an opportunity to show what you offer.

You can offer screenings for wellness exams, full cholesterol panels, blood pressure and glucose screenings, and many more. Health screenings can also help you promote other healthcare services, such as  flu shots and senior immunizations for shingles and pneumonia. To get the word out there, launch a Facebook ad campaign or add a local post event to your Google My Business profile.

Send Email Newsletters

You can stay connected and build on your current patient base through email marketing. When you send regular email newsletters, you can keep your customers informed about what’s going on in your pharmacy. You can promote special offers and share relevant health content.

Build your email list by inviting patients to sign up for:

  • Virtual events
  • Free health screenings
  • Digital tools (i.e. pharmacy mobile app or updates on upcoming promotions)

By sharing new content regularly, you’re able to engage your customers so they’ll see what your pharmacy offers. Highlighting your pharmacy’s uniqueness is an easy way to invite them in to experience not only your outstanding offerings, but the special care your team provides each customer.

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