How to Promote Your Health & Wellness Services

Your customers have trust in your pharmacy. When they walk through your doors, they know they’re in the right place to get the help they need. And while they’re looking to your guidance to succeed in their health journey, you might just find a way to reach your business goals a tad easier.

Find out your customers’ resolutions. Then, identify areas in your pharmacy business that align with common resolutions. For example, statistics show that improving fitness is the top resolution for 2024. Others include mental health goals, weight loss, improving diet, and to stop smoking.

Your pharmacy has products and services to help with some of their resolutions. The more your customers use the services you offer, the more they benefit … and you do, too!

Tools you can use to promote your health and wellness services:

  • Customer loyalty: Your customer loyalty program is powerful. In fact, you can use it for more than just a points-and-rewards system. With it, you can offer early access to registration for programs and/or groups your pharmacy plans to conduct. For instance, weight-loss groups or smoking cessation programs. Or, print special offers at the bottom of receipts.
  • The power of supplements: Many customers in your pharmacy don’t realize that prescription medications can impact them in other ways. So, recommend supplements based on such things as drug-induced nutrient depletion. This can lead to important conversations on such things as how supplements can help them stay on top of their health.
  • Holistic products: Holistic approaches to healing have become a part of the norm these days, and more and more people search for these types of products. Therefore, stocking holistic products that can help with not only physical well-being, but also mental and emotional support is a win-win.
  • Seasonal programs: Provide value to your patients by implementing seasonal programs that focus on allergies, heart health, diabetes management, and so on.

You can implement all of these services in your pharmacy. Create a marketing campaign to inform and educate your patients on the services you provide. If they don’t know you perform medication therapy management services, give them a rundown on what it entails. Let them know how it can help them. Do the same with all of your services, such as immunizations, vaccines, comprehensive medication reviews, and other clinical services. Spread the word and put together a marketing strategy for your store. By capturing the attention of the communities you serve, it won’t be long before your pharmacy blossoms into a health hub.

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