Why Patient Testimonials Matter

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth. Your patients’ testimonials matter. Not just to you, but to your community who hear or read them. They showcase the capabilities of your pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if they’re through surveys or online reviews. Prospective customers trust the words of friends and family over expensive marketing campaigns.

There’s a certain level of trust between patients and soon-to-be customers when it comes to testimonials. Health care often makes prospective customers nervous about walking into a new pharmacy they know nothing about. That’s where testimonials come in. Change can be scary; but walking into the unknown can especially be frightening when it has anything to do with health care.

Testimonials left by patients tend to have a level of authenticity that trump advertisements and marketing campaigns altogether. That’s because it all comes down to the patient experience.

Maybe your pharmacy is brand new with state-of-the-art technology and advanced clinical services in your area. While impressive, if the quality of patient care isn’t up to par, you’re out of luck. You have to put in the effort. This means going above and beyond for all of your patients. Take that extra phone call. Spend a little extra time during their consultation. And be sure to fill their prescription correctly.

How do you know which patients would be willing to write up a patient testimonial for your pharmacy? Listen closely to the tone of a patient’s voice. Catch the glimmer in their eyes. Pay attention when they give you a compliment on your service. All of these are perfect subjects for patient testimonials. So, why not ask them to do an online survey?

When patients do submit a survey, wait a couple of days after they’ve sent it in before you contact them. Then ask some specific questions about their experiences, such as:

  • What made your experience great?
  • How did this pharmacy help you on your wellness path?
  • Why did you choose this pharmacy?
  • What new technology would you like to see in our store?

By asking these questions, you’ll see your pharmacy from an entirely different perspective.

Patient testimonials are also relatable. Their kind words about a service you provided them make others grasp on to their experience.

The next step is sharing your testimonials with the world. However, be sure you have your patients’ permission first, per HIPAA rules and regulations. Posting a patient testimonial without their consent can result in legal troubles. Ask at the same time you’re asking them about giving a testimonial.

Here’s how to share their glowing reviews:

  • Dedicate a page on your website: Do you have a page on your pharmacy website for patient testimonials? Draw in potential customers by filling a page with customers praising your pharmacy.
  • Share on your social-media pages: Do you have a Facebook page for your pharmacy? If so, post your testimonials there. This highlights how much others trust you as their healthcare option. You can also find ways to post your testimonials on Instagram, Twitter, and other social-media sources. Get creative!
  • Word of mouth gets around: Let your patients do the talking. Happy patients will tell all of their family and friends about you, especially when they’re in need of health care.

Patients are the key to delivering great testimonials and referrals. But only if you put in the effort. That means going above and beyond for all of your patients.  Take that extra phone call. Spend a little extra time during their consultation. And fill their medications correctly.

It’s time to expand your outreach through your patient testimonials. With these tools in hand, relax and let your patients’ words shine.

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