10 Ways to Attract More Patients to Your Pharmacy

Running an independent pharmacy is a busy job. So, when it comes to marketing your pharmacy, it’s not always easy to find time to explore new ideas. Listed below are 10 helpful steps you can take to make your pharmacy stand out above the rest.

Spice Up Curb Appeal

Take a good look at the exterior of your pharmacy. Is your sign looking a bit shabby or drab? If so, give it a fresh paint job or think about replacing it. Does the trim along the building need a touch up? If you’re near a corner lot, are the grounds well groomed? Another area to keep clean is the parking lot. Be sure the parking lines are painted so that they can be seen, and keep a trash bin outside your pharmacy doors.

Invite New Residents

Has someone new moved into your community? Let them know about your pharmacy by sending them an invitation to visit. How you word your invitation is important. You want your mailing to be opened, so your message must accurately represent your pharmacy and spark their interest.

Spoil New Customers

Spring into action when a new customer comes into your pharmacy! Make sure your team follows a plan of action, and be sure the intake process is a pleasant experience. Invite your new customer to meet the staff, and provide a store brochure that explains the key benefits of using your pharmacy. A few days after their visit, send them a letter thanking them for stopping in, and encourage them to visit again soon.

Reward for Customer Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to bring in new customers. Offer a reward for your current clients who send a friend or family member to your pharmacy, such as a gift card or discount on their next purchase.

Promote Your Pharmacy on Google My Business

Create a free online profile on the Google My Business (GMB) app. GMB offers brick-and-mortar businesses a free online profile to attract local foot traffic. This is a crucial part of local search engine optimization (SEO). Your profile is then added to Google Maps and search results pages. This means that anyone who is searching for a local pharmacy can find you. The next step is to encourage your patients to leave a review for your pharmacy on Google. That way, their referrals will show up on your profile, too. You might also want to publish updates, offers, and events directly with local posts. However, be sure to regularly update your posts, as they will expire within seven days.

Advertise on Social Media

Create and maintain social-media accounts on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. This will help you build a following and engage with your patient base. You can make the most of your social-media presence by becoming active on one or two platforms where your patients are most likely to spend time. Focus on quality and consistency with regular posts and be sure to use images and videos to draw attention. Keep promotional content to a minimum, but do let followers know when you have upcoming sales or events.

Host Virtual Events

Take advantage of today’s technology and host virtual events, such as wellness classes, educational webinars, live videos, and industry conferences, to name a few. Virtual events like these can help market your pharmacy by educating patients about common health conditions and treatments, promoting new and seasonal offerings to patients and healthcare professionals, and connecting you with local businesses.

Partner with Local Businesses

Spread the word about your pharmacy by cross-promoting. Fellow healthcare businesses and practitioners can provide opportunities for trade agreements and mutual referral programs. Consider working with local, small businesses by sharing product samples and service announcements. You can offer to stock their products in return.

Offer Free Health Screenings

Invite patients in the door with free clinical services for seniors and families. Try offering wellness exams, full cholesterol panels, and blood pressure and glucose screenings. These can boost your promotions for other healthcare services, such as senior immunizations for other conditions like pneumonia, flu shots, or shingles.

Email Newsletters

Email is an important tactic for pharmacy business. It allows you to stay connected and continue to build on your current patient base. You can keep your patients up to date on what’s new in your pharmacy by sending regular email newsletters. Build an email list by getting your patients to sign up for virtual events, free health screenings, or your pharmacy mobile app.

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