5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Front End

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Front End by Elements magazine | pbahealth.com

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your pharmacy’s front end. This is a season known for rejuvenation and cleansing, and you can bring these ideas into your pharmacy to give your patients—and your front end—a boost for the season.

Look at what’s working in your front end—and what’s not. Show your patients a pharmacy that’s refreshed and ready for the season, not stuck in the winter blues. Look for new products to promote, products to clean off of your shelves, new ways to connect with patients and fresh ways to share health information.

Here are some tips to “spring clean,” refresh and reboot your pharmacy’s front end.

1. Encourage patients to spring clean their medicine cabinets

Encourage your patients to spring clean their health, wellness and beauty products this season. Post signs—and hand out flyers with prescriptions—that will help your patients identify expired (and potentially dangerous) products, and suggest replacements that they can find in your pharmacy.

2. Fight spring allergies

Spring spells allergy season, so make sure your shelves are stocked with over-the-counter remedies. Try placing a display of allergy relief products near the front of your store, or on end caps to make them easy to find. Patients might have trouble choosing the best products for them, so try to keep a pharmacist or other staff member on hand to recommend products that work. As the pollen count rises, so will your sales.

3. Celebrate spring holidays

From Easter to Mother’s Day, spring boasts plenty of holidays, and plenty of opportunities for front-end specials. Stock up on Easter candy, offer a discount for mothers in May and don’t forget to incorporate pastels in your pharmacy’s decorations.

4. Build partnerships to promote your products

Consider building an end cap or display around one of the many national health observances that occur in springtime. For example, you could work with the National Eye Institute to promote Healthy Vision Month in May, and sell your related products in the process. You could also celebrate National Nutrition Month in March, and work with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to promote your stock of vitamins and supplements.

5. Take advantage of spring break

Spring break is one of the most vacation-heavy periods of the year, so be sure to target both those leaving town and those who are visiting. Stock cheap, convenient items near the checkout counter to entice impulse buys from travelers, like travel-sized bottles of popular products that will appeal to those heading out for a quick getaway. And be sure to promote your travel immunization services, if you offer them.

Use these tips to help freshen up your pharmacy, and your patient’s medicine cabinets after a long winter.

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