8 Reasons to Offer Text Alerts to Patients

8 Reasons to Offer Text Alerts to Patients by Elements magazine | pbahealth.com

Helping your patients stay on top of their prescriptions is just a text message away. It’s easy to let patients know when their prescription is ready and when it’s time to refill through automatic texts. Just ask your pharmacy management system provider if text alerts are included with your system. If that’s the case, all you have to do is opt in!

Here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea for your pharmacy to go mobile with texts.

1. What patients want

You likely have patients of all different ages and preferences. Let your patients choose how you contact them by giving them the option to receive notifications by phone, email, or text message.

2. Fast communication

Text message alerts let patients know about the status of their prescription right away. They no longer have to wait to receive a phone call or check their email. Depending on your pharmacy system, you might also be able to use texts to notify patients about special offers or emergency information, such as recalls.

3. Better adherence

Reminding patients to pick up their prescriptions through text message might actually benefit their health. A 2012 study published in Clinical Therapeutics was the first large-scale U.S. study to link text message reminders and adherence rates. The study involved participants who were taking chronic anti-diabetes medications. The group that received text message reminders saw adherence rates of 91 percent, while the control group saw 82 percent adherence.

4. Easy opt out

Most pharmacy management services that offer text messaging include an option where patients can opt out at any time. So, they’ll always be in control of how they’re contacted. Patients simply reply to the text message they received with a provided code or with “stop” to opt out.

5. Helpful for disabilities

Typed out messages provide clear communication for your patients with hearing disabilities or for older patients who are hard of hearing.

6. Cost-effective

Many pharmacy management systems include text message refill and pick up reminders as part of their service. Meaning, it doesn’t cost you any extra to implement text message alerts at your pharmacy. Check with your specific provider for details.

7. More staff time

Offering text message reminders can free up the time your staff usually spends calling patients to remind them to pick up their prescriptions.

8. Stay competitive

Chain pharmacies have been offering text message reminders for years. It’s becoming an established service that patients are starting to expect from their pharmacy. Don’t let your patients miss out.


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