How to Determine If a Pharmacy Employee Is Management Material

How to Determine If a Pharmacy Employee Is Management Material by Elements magazine |

Are you considering promoting an employee to a managerial or supervisory position in your independent community pharmacy?

It’s important to show employees that if they work hard, they have the opportunity to grow their careers within your pharmacy business. And, that doesn’t just mean being a pharmacist-in-charge or a pharmacy manager. Maybe you need someone to fill a role as front-end manager or a supervisor of clinical services.

But just because an employee excels at his current position, doesn’t mean he’ll be successful in a management role.

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Look for these telltale signs that your employee is ready to take on a management role.

He’s a quick learner

Your employee will need to learn new skills to become successful in his new role. And, he’ll need to be able to adapt to the evolving independent community pharmacy industry.

This requires the ability—and willingness—to learn quickly, even when he has to teach himself.

She can teach others

Natural teachers make good managers, because they’re able to help employees excel at their jobs.

A good way to gauge an employee’s teaching abilities is to see if she’s someone who others often ask for help. Or, give her the opportunity to train another employee to determine her capabilities.

He’s emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence plays a large role in a person’s ability to successfully lead a team.

Just because an employee is good at his current job, doesn’t mean he’ll continue to excel in a managerial role.

Make sure your employee not only possesses great job skills, but also has great people skills. He should motivate other employees and understand how to be sensitive to everyone’s needs and opinions.

She manages her time well

Time management is one of the most important skills a manager should possess.

Not only should a manager be able to set her own priorities, she should also help others manage their time.

Keep an eye on how your employee prioritizes her time to determine if she’s able to complete important tasks while still keeping up with day-to-day operations and any interruptions that may occur.

He welcomes all feedback

Managers need to be able to accept criticism, and be willing to make adjustments when necessary.

When your employee is promoted, he’ll need to welcome constructive feedback so that he can learn the new role and improve his skills.

Make sure the employee you’re considering has a thick skin and will take criticism in stride.

She’s resilient

Independent community pharmacy managers constantly encounter new challenges. So, it’s important your employee is resilient and can handle anything that’s thrown her way.

A successful manager will stay positive in the face of setbacks. She’ll find ways to overcome obstacles while keeping up morale without sacrificing performance.

If your employee is easily frustrated and unable to handle her emotions, she probably won’t make the best manager.

He communicates well

Communication is key when it comes to leading a team.

Employees need to know exactly what is expected of them in order to perform their jobs well. And it’s the manager’s responsibility to clearly communicate these expectations.

Additionally, a manager must be able to actively listen to other employees and take their thoughts and opinions into consideration.

If coworkers often approach your employee to ask for help understanding a task or just to share their thoughts, he’s likely a good communicator.

She’s a good leader

While not everyone possesses leadership skills, a manager must.

Has your employee stepped up and taken initiative when given the opportunity?

Consider asking other members of your team to weigh in on your employee’s leadership skills. You may learn that she is seen as a role model by her coworkers, or you may find she’s uncomfortable taking the lead.

He has integrity

Managers have to set good examples for their employees, as they’re the team’s leader.

If your employee doesn’t have integrity, then he can’t possibly set the tone for the positive and productive work environment your pharmacy needs.

Keep an eye on your employee’s behavior to determine whether or not he’s someone who can be trusted to run your business.

Check out these top qualities of a successful independent community pharmacy manager.

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