How to Recruit Pharmacy Techs

Since the pandemic, hiring (and keeping) pharmacy techs has been a challenge. The difficult part is knowing how to recruit and draw them in. Refresh your marketing processes and strategies with the following tips.

Jazz up your job description

A job description needs to reflect the requirements and expectations of the candidate you’re seeking. Be clear on the experience and skills needed along with your company values. These are what will attract the employees you covet. Use clear and consistent information about your pharmacy and the role of the pharmacy tech. This allows the applicants to know and understand the position expectations. Include details about the work environment, as well.

Will your pharmacy technician be working with patients, or will their duties be more on the clerical and administrative side? Use language that caters to each job opening. This will set expectations with candidates so they know what will be expected of them. Don’t use old job descriptions, because they will likely have outdated or wrong information about the role requirements. Instead, write updated, well-developed job descriptions. These will increase productivity, as well as efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Skills to look for

A great pharmacy technician should have basic software and math skills, and they should communicate well with patients. Additionally, they should have a great attitude, empathy for patients, and be motivated to help others.

Where to recruit

When you’re looking for places to find interested candidates and showcase the opportunities available, try these tips:

  • Network. Ask your current employees if they have any recommendations. If not, reach out to colleges, facilities, and job fairs.
  • Advertising. Build a strategic media plan to reach the right candidates. Target your advertising to accommodate where your audience is, and post jobs on pharmacy-specific job boards. This increases your chances of attracting quality pharmacy tech candidates, and it helps you reach a diverse range of applicants. This will create a higher chance of finding the right candidate who will match your needs.
  • Social Media. If you choose to post on social media, you will likely connect with people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job but might apply for one if the right opportunity crosses their screen. Use the right platforms to get connected. LinkedIn is a great place to start. It’s the place people go when seeking a new job. Plus, you can quickly check out candidates’ job history and other relevant experiences by going to their profile page. Twitter is another option to find candidates. You can use hashtags like #pharmacycareers or #WorkWithUs to connect with the right kind of user.

Make the interview process smooth

Add skills assessments to your interview process. A pre-interview assessment can help measure a candidate’s qualifications to ensure they’re fit for working in a pharmacy setting. Also, review your interview process to be sure you’re supporting a positive candidate experience. This makes a huge difference between your interviewee’s confidence in the position and feeling unsure and lost. Be clear, set expectations, and deliver on what you’ve set.

There are a multitude of roles open for pharmacy technicians. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure you stand out from the competition. Showcase your company’s authentic culture and brand.

Hiring and training your new employees can cause a temporary loss of productivity in your pharmacy. Plus, it adds more work to your already-overworked technicians. To combat this, focus on retention strategies. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Train them properly. Recruit and train new personnel. When your employees receive proper training and support, they’ll be more likely to stay with your pharmacy. Invest in training and certification of your existing employees. This will help fill the tougher, higher-skill technician roles over time.
  • Consider employee surveys. This will ensure your employees are happy with their job, expectations are being met, and they feel valued in their work.
  • Start an employee recognition program. This is a fun way to reward your team’s work. Plus, you’ll encourage your employees to grow in their careers.
  • Find like-minded candidates. Build a team that thrives in your company’s culture. While you can train job seekers to fit into a role, it doesn’t mean he or she will fit into your company’s culture. A community of like-minded people will help pharmacy technicians feel they belong and are working on a common goal. Having candidates who fit can help increase morale, performance, and help the employee experience.

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