Offering Superior Customer Service in Your Pharmacy

The pandemic changed the way companies do business, especially pharmacies. But with all of the ups and downs, it’s important to continue offering top-notch customer service. You and your staff are the friendly faces your patients trust. Strong customer service will keep your patients coming back. Especially with the following tips for excellent customer service.

Be welcoming

Greeting your patients as they approach the counter will go along way in making them feel valued. When you’re openly helpful, it shows them you care about their well-being. This builds trust.

Keep your pharmacy clean

Set up hand-sanitizing stations around your pharmacy, especially in high-traffic areas. Wipe down counters and carts frequently. If your pharmacy has carpet, be sure it’s vacuumed regularly, and make sure restrooms are clean each day. Customers expect pharmacies to be clean and hygienic, especially after the pandemic.

Protect their privacy

As you know, revealing any customer’s medical information is a big no-no, per HIPAA law.  Whenever you’re interacting with your patients, be extra careful to protect their privacy. If you’re discussing protected medical information (e.g., prescriptions, medications, or medical conditions), be discreet.

Learn names

If you make an effort to learn your customers’ names, you show that you care about them. This will make them feel comfortable and “at home” in your pharmacy.

Be prepared

Lines can get long in your pharmacy. If you know specific customers who come in regularly, get their prescriptions ready in advance so they’re ready before they arrive. If you get too busy, make use of your technicians to help out with this process.

Make phone conversations friendly

Be sure your staff is always courteous and helpful when they’re speaking to patients over the phone. If an issue can’t be resolved by your technicians, have them place the caller on hold until you can take over.

Be professional

Make sure your staff is always professional in your pharmacy. Respond to patients’ questions calmly and courteously. Your staff represents your pharmacy. Remind your technicians that their interaction with a customer forms the primary impression of the pharmacy. You need to make sure it’s a friendly one.

Be flexible

There are a number of ways to provide flexibility to your customers. If you haven’t already, expand your current offerings with digital elements. You can create great solutions that streamline your services and help retain your current customers. It can also bring in new customers who are looking for conveniences you’re offering.

Develop new methods

You don’t want to stick with the old ways of doing business in your pharmacy. Instead, up your game in the customer-service department by developing new methods of dispensing and providing care. This will improve customer service as well as provide new ways to stay on top of your competitors.

Make them remember you

It’s always important to make a lasting impression with your customers if you want them to become regulars. Always make sure your customers feel valued and heard. Create a friendlier, automated email that thanks customers for their online orders, or call a loyal customer to update them about a purchase with a delayed collection time.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your pharmacy is, there are numerous ways to improve customer service. The right methods for you depend on your professional goals and budget.

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