Is Your Pharmacy’s Customer Service Really the Best?

Is Your Pharmacy’s Customer Service Really the Best? by Elements magazine |

What sets your independent community pharmacy apart from national chain pharmacies and big box stores?

You likely said customer service. You probably think your pharmacy’s customer service is the best in the business. But how can you be sure?

Eighty percent of brands say they provide “superior” customer service, but only 8 percent of consumers think they receive it, according to Help Scout.

So, where are businesses going wrong? And, what makes one business’s customer service better than the next?

Follow these tips to truly differentiate your independent community pharmacy’s customer service.

Create a customer-centric culture

You want your pharmacy business to be customer centric. But do your employees share the same values?

If your employees’ visions don’t align with yours, creating a culture around customer service won’t be possible. You need highly engaged employees who excel at providing customer service.

Implement a more selective hiring process to ensure you only hire employees who believe in customer service as much as you do. And, provide consistent training for your employees on how to improve their customer service skills.

Thrive off patient feedback

Feedback is your pharmacy’s best friend. It should be one of your business’s biggest motivators.

After all, how can you provide the best customer service if you don’t know what your patients want or how they feel?

Ask for feedback as much as possible. Encourage patients to reach out to your pharmacy on social media, leave online reviews and fill out comment cards.

When you receive feedback, don’t accept it and move on. Thank patients for their praises and address any issues or concerns.

Look for trends in feedback to identify any potential changes you may need to make to better serve your patients.

Don’t settle for satisfied

It’s not enough for patients to be satisfied. You want them to be so satisfied that they rave about your pharmacy to others.

So, how do you transform patients into advocates for your brand who refer their friends and family members to your pharmacy?

Go above and beyond for them. Even if they’re already pleased with the service you provide, ask if there’s anything else you can do for them.

And, offer special discounts and rewards to patients just because. The more you show your appreciation, the happier your patients will be.

Build meaningful relationships

By getting to know your patients on a deeper level, you can build a relationship and earn their trust.

Don’t simply smile and say, “Hi!” when patients visit your pharmacy. Address them by name. Ask them about their lives (if the conversation allows you to—be careful not to pry).

The better you know your patients, the better you can care for them.


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