What a Chatbot Can Do for Your Pharmacy

Your customers have a lot of questions. You have answers. However, time is of the essence. You run a busy community pharmacy, so you need assistance. Your pharmacy technicians work hard at filling medications and helping patients each day. Is there an easier way for your patients to ask questions about their medications and their side effects? What about medication interactions? Believe it or not, there is a solution: a chatbot.

If you haven’t already noticed, customers are anxious. They have a lot of questions, such as, “What are the side effects of this medication?” or “Will these two medications taken together cause a reaction?”

The longer it takes you to answer their questions, the more their anxiety builds. And when they Google search for an answer, they get even more freaked out. But with a chatbot, that could all change. Chatbots are intelligent enough to answer any question. If someone has an awkward question they don’t want to ask in person,  it can be answered via chatbot. Chatbots offer confidentiality and support for even awkward questions.

Why Chatbots are the Perfect Healthcare Assistant

They support multimedia messaging

This allows your customers the ability to upload images to the bot. If a customer’s medication request shows that it’s not available over the counter, she can upload a photo or screenshot of their prescription. It can then be verified by the chatbot or by your staff.

Orders and deliveries are contactless

With a Healthbot self-use kiosk, customers can order their medications and look through your catalog. After placing an order, the pharmacy chatbot will also allow them to track their order. The seamless process makes it a pleasant customer experience.

Broadcast feature

Customers don’t always take medications on time. They also forget to order and schedule refills for their medications. But with your chatbot as their personal assistant, you can use the broadcast feature to schedule their reminders.

Accessible history

A chatbot has a great memory. It remembers everything. In fact, it saves every interaction it has with your customers on the interface. That means your employees can assess each interaction with your customers.

Live assistance

Medical chatbots aren’t set up to deal with every single request. They cannot verify prescriptions, nor can they handle every single question asked. However, chatbots can seamlessly transition from the automated responses to live responses from your agents. The agent can view the entire conversational history on the platform so the customers don’t have to repeat their questions.

Your pharmacy has a lot to gain by using a chatbot. It will answer almost any question and offers round-the-clock support seven days a week (including live assistance and multimedia). Your pharmacy chatbot can make your customers’ journey so much easier.

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