How to Make a Pharmacy App

Do you have your own app for your independent pharmacy? If not, it’s a good idea to create one. Nowadays, it’s easier for your patients to order through an app than to make a trip to the pharmacy. In fact, it’s become the preferred choice. Here’s why:


This is one of the most important parts of a mobile application. The convenience of mobile shopping makes it easier for your patients by allowing them to order from the comfort of their own home. Some pharmacy apps even allow users to manage prescriptions for all family members from a single account.

Time Efficiency

A pharmacy app streamlines communication. It links patients directly to their pharmacists, and allows them to send photos and message their providers through the app’s inbox.

Attracts More Customers

An app will give you an opportunity to communicate directly with prospective and current customers. Your app will bring you closer to every user, and with features like discounts and push notifications, you will draw in more customers.

Medicine Sales Online

An app that allows customers to not only order stock, but a chance to purchase medicine online and have it delivered, will benefit both you and the user. Your patients will be able to get medication at any time and from wherever they want. This is a great way to increase your sales numbers and grow revenue each day.

With an online app for your pharmacy, you can expect a fast search, selection, and order of medicines. A safe and timely delivery also adds to the convenience and customer experience.

One option for your app is a platform that is easy to use. The Pharmacy Marketplace connects your pharmacy to healthcare providers and allows them to sell medicines. Users have a choice and can compare different pharmacies’ prices (those who have registered on the platform) and then order from the one they favor.

Choosing the Pharmacy Marketplace is great if you want to skip developing your own app, but you want to draw in customers, increase your profit, and grow your brand quickly.

You can also transform your pharmacy into a digital business by having an app that allows your customers to purchase medications online. This builds a strong connection between your pharmacy and your patients. Your app will be based on your name with many branded style elements that will result in improved company recognition, scaled business, and boosted sales.

So, what features should you have in your pharmacy’s app? Here are some must-haves that every pharmacy app should have:

Simple Register/Login and Profile

Because this will be the first page your users will see when opening the app, it’s important that registering and/or logging in with their social-media accounts, email, or phone number is easy. Setting up profiles will help personalize their experience and ensure uninterrupted service.

Easy Search

Make this fundamental feature as simple as possible. For instance, you can allow users to apply filters, which could be medicine only for certain health issues (i.e. mental health, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.).


This will encompass all features that are related to shopping, such as: a catalog of medicine, shopping cart, order history, and smart-search with filters and previous searches.

Prescription Management

Your users need to be able to add their medications to the app. Pharmacists will then either verify them manually or with the help of AI/ML algorithms.

Vital Medicine Information

If you’re wanting an on-demand pharmacy app, you’ll need to develop a platform that’s well thought out and one that will give your patients access to all of the important information about their medications (manufacturer prices, availability, restock news, side effects, details, etc.).

Order Tracking

This allows your customers to track the delivery in real time on a map.

Push Notifications and Alerts

Help your patients stay informed about news going on within your app. This will not only get customers’ attention, but will provide them reminders about medicine uptake.

Ways to Pay

Look for the most popular ways people pay online and then decide whether you want payment methods such as bank transfers, wallets, credit-card payments online or through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.


Reach larger audiences with multi-language support. This should be addressed from the start, otherwise your cost will increase drastically by adding new languages after the app is completed.

Advanced Features

Here is a list of more advanced features that will enhance your pharmacy app’s usability:

  • Barcode Scanning: Useful in getting information about prescription drugs quickly, order a refill, or make a payment at a store.
  • Video Calls/Telemedicine: Offer real-time customer support inside the app. You can also offer telemedicine consultations.
  • Pickup Orders: Another advanced option that allows your customers to pay for medicine in advance and pick it up at the store.
  • Reviews: Allow customers to share their experiences with others by commenting and reviewing different products.
  • Mobile Wallet: By setting up a mobile wallet, users can increase their balances and turn on automatic refills. You can also integrate insurance coverage options and rewards here.

Having your own pharmacy app can make you stand out from your competitors. Not only that, but transforming your pharmacy into a digital business will increase sales, improve customer loyalty, and lower operating costs. What have you got to lose?

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